What to Do? Brits Lament Possible Shortage of Beloved Wine Duo


It's been a depressing spring for Britian's oneophiles. 
The United Kingdom's wine drinkers love a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc, not to mention a  chilly sip of Italy's Prosecco. However, with rumors of shortages of both wines, tipple titans across the Kingdom are scrambling for solutions. 
“One of the UK's top tipples is in short supply after a poor harvest,” the U.K.'s Express reported this past month. “And with experts warning of a global shortage of warm-weather favourite Prosecco, Britons will have to find alternatives or face dipping into their pockets to pay more.” 
The headline of the story stated the crisis more succinctly: “Oh no! After the Prosecco drought now New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is running dry.” 
The Express talked with Mark Holness, a drinks aficionado at Beacon, a British hospitality business.
While the shelves marked “Prosecco” and “Sauvignon Blanc” may not be empty this summer they will be adorned with more expensive price tags, Holness said. 
“For two of the most popular wines with British drinkers to face supply problems in the same year could make this summer taste entirely different,” he said. “The double whammy of a possible Prosecco and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc drinks drought will mean fans of both wines will have to spend more.” 
Holness noted that Prosecco will benefit from the shortage. 
“In the case of Prosecco the extra cost will result in a better quality drink as the shortage is at the entry level for a wine which in the last two years, has outsold Champagne,” he said. 
The extent of the Suavignon Blanc shortage has yet to be fully known.
“There is concern that supplies of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc are also under strain following the poor harvest and we are working with our contacts and suppliers to identify the full extent of the problems,” Holness said.
According to a 2013 industry report by the U.K.-based Wine and Spirit Trade Commission, white wine is the favorite among female drinkers, taking 23 percent of the wine and spirits market. Among men, white wine wasn't so popular, tying with vodka for 6 percent of the share and finishing ahead of only one wine: Rosé won a 0 percent share of the market. 
From 2008 to 2013, the report said, sparkling wines saw a 5 percent leap in consumption. 
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