When one thinks of the wines of Australia it is natural to think first of the regions around the heavily populated, and long settled Southeastern corner of the country, Barossa, the Hunter Valley, the Yarra valley. Each are worthy of ones attention, and represent the historic centers of wine production in Australia, but there is more to Australian wine.

While these regions continue to produce world-class wines, there is an increasing appreciation around the globe for some of the co-called cool climate wines that come from Australia. The coastal regions of South Western Australia, and in particular the Margaret River area and the Frankland River region, which lies within the Great Southern Region, are responsible for some of the country’s most detailed, and finely balanced examples of both red and white wines.

Both regions enjoy temperate climates that put them roughly on par with the temperature swings and hours of sunshine typical of some of the worlds greatest wine regions, Bordeaux being the most famous example. The Margaret River enjoys a somewhat warmer growing season, but the conditions across both regions have proven ideal for the production of fresh, fragrant wines that are poised to convince even the most skeptical consumer that Australia is not only about big, jammy, opulent wines.

South West Australia, what to expect.

With the cooling affects of the Indian Ocean having a direct influence on the coastal regions of South West Australia it's no surprise that the region enjoys a climate that sets it apart from the rest of this great big country. The main climatic features of this region are a cooler summer and the ocean induced rain and cloud cover that the area enjoys. All these effects join together to yield wonderfully fragrant, balanced wines that enjoy a long growing season and mature slowly as the fall temperatures take effect before all of the grape are harvested.