Another New Years, another visit to St. Martin FWI, things could certainly be worse!  I am lucky to have been going down to St Martin for more than a decade now, and more specifically to the village of Grand Case, the self proclaimed Culinary Capital of the Caribbean!

Whether that is truly the case may best be left to others to decide, but the 3 dozen or so restaurants lining the main drag through town sure do present a compelling argument. And if you get bored dining in Grand Case, there is a whole island to explore, half French and half Dutch, though the Dutch side could more accurately be called tres Americaine! Today I begin with a look at a few restaurants in Grand Case, but stay tuned for my next two installments with additional wining and dining tips.

What to expect: St. Maarten

While my report focuses on the French side of St. Martin, this unique island has a split personality. The Dutch half of the island, known as St. Maarten, offers visitors a different view on island life. From the duty free linens and cheese available in Philipsburg, the Capitol of the Dutch side, to the great casinos and night clubs of the large resorts, it offers much to do for the adventuresome traveler.