Wedding Wines, Part 1

A simple guide to making one part of your big day forgettable

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Wedding Wines, Part 1 No, I don’t mean to suggest that you share crappy wine at your wedding. Instead, I think that an easy guide like this will make selecting your wines an easy task, one you can quickly clear off your plate. So take some time and read our tips for a successful wedding and some great wine choices at popular price points. Make your choices and forget about it!

While I was thinking specifically about weddings when I started writing this, these recommendations and guidelines are applicable to almost any event, so you might just want to keep track of this as a primer on successful party planning! Today lets look at the easiest part, figuring how much to buy.

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    Great information. I'm planning to pass this on to my clients, as I sometimes cater small weddings as a Personal Chef. Chef Mary Hathaway.

    Aug 25, 2012 at 12:42 AM

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