Some of you might have seen some of our live coverage from Tapas Fantasticas this past August. If you haven’t, I want to fill you in on the details of this awesome event and the opportunity for you to help us bring Tapas Fantasticas to the U.S. next year!

That’s right, with enough support, we will be able to bring an all day festival of Rioja wine and the finest Spanish food and entertainment to our shores next year! All you have to do is say yes.

RSVP below and add your name to the list of supporters and we’ll be sure to get you first dibs on the best offers for Tapas Fantasticas, plus exclusive access to some of the weekend’s premier events.


So what is Tapas Fantasticas?

Tapas Fantasticas is a two day event in London that just completed its fifth year running.

The event brings together dozens of producers from Rioja, along with the greatest ambassadors of Spanish cuisine and culture from the world around. Don’t just read about it, check out these great videos!

Check out the videos from day one!

Check out the videos from day two!

You can catch a glimpse of each day’s events plus see the interviews we filmed with many of the greatest producers in Rioja. This really is one of the premier wine events in the world and we are very excited to be in the position, with your help, to bring it to you!

Don’t forget to RSVP today and add your name to the supporters of Rioja and Spanish culture. Then, check out some of the great video clips we’ve assembled.

See you at Tapas Fantasticas 2013 – Coming to a city near you!