I'm picking up here where I last left off, halfway through reporting on mostly the 2009 vintage in Barolo. As you can see here, and in my previous report on these wines, the vintage is a bit irregular to say the least with some powerful, structured wines being produced as well as many wines that show elevated alcohols or aggressive tannins. As I've discussed here, the vintage posed significant and unusual problems for growers. Some were able to manage the challenging conditions while other didn't fare quite as well.

In all honesty it's quite early in the evolution of these wines to make broad sweeping statements about their quality, though we can get an idea of where they might be heading. My best guess is that this vintage will turn out similarly to 2000 in many ways, and at many estates. I expect these wines to mature relatively early, and at their best to turn out to be rather plump and fun to drink, but ultimately lacking the complexity and structure of the best vintages. The more I think these wines, the greater the similarity with 2007's elevated alcohol and green tannins becomes. In either event I would caution diving too deeply into the vintage. Taste and wait would be my recommendation, with a handful of exceptions. I just don't see the marketplace responding favorably to these wines, particularly with the 2010s and 2011 waiting in the wings.