Cantina del Pino

2010 Cantina del Pino Barbaresco

Pretty on the nose with a hint of cheesiness and subtle layers of floral and minerals adding detail to the core of black raspberry fruit. A touch lean in the mouth, though with an edge of sweetness to the fruit, this shows off nice acids and  crisp if small tannins supporting bright wild raspberry fruit with a touch of wild cherry. The finish is modest showing a minty aspect and tannins that turn a touch drying. 87pts

2009 Cantina del Pino Barbaresco

Firmly and richly fruited on the nose with a tight core of sliced plum and wild cherry fruit framed by dusty soil notes and topped with a hint of mint.  Elegant on entry and a little sweetly fruity though clear on the palate with more depth and power than the 2010. The flavors lean a bit towards the balsamic end of the spectrum with a nice hint of rosemary on the backend. Fine acids and ripe tannins offering nice support right through the strong finish which shows good fruit and complexity,. This has a lovely flavor profile and a crisp texture but it is rather understated. 88pts

2008 Cantina del Pino Barbaresco

Lovely on the nose, still with a certain sweetness to the warm red berry slight jammy toned cherry fruit backed up by rose petals, and a nice limestone note. This is already easy to drink, soft and slightly creamy, rich without being weighty while delivering raspberry and wild berry fruit on the palate with a nice classic mineral accent. The tannins turn a touch dry on the backend which leads to an elegant yet powerful finish which shows fine fruit driven aromatics along with hints of coffee cream and a slightly roasted fruit character. 89pts

2004 Cantina del Pino Barbaresco

Richly fruited with an early touch of chocolate on the nose followed by hints of sotto bosco, woodsy wild red berry fruit and a touch of lead pencil. Still a touch reticent in the mouth, this shows how these wines might evolve.The fruitiness fades away a bit leaving fruit that is less sweet complemented by complex notes of soil, rust, and roses. Theres some raspberry coulis on the backend but this shows good clarity and  nice tension in the mouth with a long, though  slightly pasty finish. 89pts

2008 Cantina del Pino Barbaresco Ovello

A bit woody and mineral on the nose with spicy almost white pepper and limestone notes that are followed by a hint of dusty yet sweet rose petals. This opens nicely with thrust and depth on the palate offering up sandy, intense and softly sweet raspberry preserve flavors on entry with a faint bitter orange edge upfront, followed by some stepped tea character and a touch of licorice on the backend before this fades into a fairly tight though well fruited, finish which shows lots of rose hips and amarena cherry flavors. Fairly broad in the mouth with a nice base of ripe, supple tannins. 92pts

2008 Cantina del Pino Barbaresco Albesani

A touch cedary on the nose with a complex cognac aspect to the  fine red fruit that picks up a touch of iron, a little spice with hints of camphor, rose petals and dried orange peel on the nose. Fresh and decisive on entry, this is rich yet transparent in the mouth with great depth of fresh fruit accented by the dried orange peel note found on the nose. Long and elegant with nice mineral notes on the long, savory and wood spiced finish, this is a refined wine with power,  a bit of iron fist inside of a velvet glove but it's a woman's hand. 91pts