2008 Anna Maria Viognier Applegate Valley 12.9%

Rather woodsy on the nose with grapefruit pith, pear, peach and a strong iris floral overlay. Rather soft on entry, this manages to retain some tension in the mouth. It’s a very smooth, supple style of Viognier, working on balance rather than intensity of flavor. With air the fruit does emerge, slowly showing flashes of white peach, raw almond and nettles. Those flavors pop on the finish with a light golden raspberry finale. Very relaxed wine, easy going but not sloppy. 87pts

2009 Saddleback Cellars Viognier Clarksburg 14.9%

A bit hot on the nose with waxy dried fruits, dried peach and notes of vanilla, fennel and mint. Pretty large scaled on entry. An impression of sweetness on the front end is followed by a fairly bright mid-palate delivering simple, plush sweet flavors of peach fruit and pink flowers. Finishes a bit hot and short with some pink grapefruit inner mouth perfumes before the alcohol fully takes over. 86pts

2010 Perry Creek Altitude: 2401 Le Seducteur Viognier El Dorado 14.5%

Dense and lightly honeyed on the nose with big honeysuckle and spice notes over dried peach fruit and a touch of melon. This has a very round, lightly sweet leading edge and is decidedly large-scaled in the mouth. Rich and round with deep flavors of peach pits and candied orange rind, accompanied by some noticeable alcohol. The finish shows a bit more of this honeyed, candied burnt orange character. A big wine that is a bit out of balance, with sweetness, alcohol and polyphenolic bitterness all making appearances on the short finish. 86pts

2010 Brennan Vineyards Viognier Texas 14%

This smells figgy and a bit feral on the nose with some over-ripe mango notes and a touch of buttery caramel. Very soft on entry, this has a caramel edge to the fruit which follows through with the fig promise of the nose. There are gentle floral notes, but this is mostly a dense, figgy wine with soft hints of honeysuckle in the mouth and a very nice spicy finish. Once again a wine whose finish shows the full potential of the wine. While this doesn’t finish with any profundity, it does have good length and presents flavors more in the classic peach and honeysuckle vein. 85pts

2009 Tortoise Creek Wines Le Verger Viognier Pays d’Oc 12.5%

Full of apricots and flowers with some vegetal hints and lime zest. This is fairly fragrant with some chalky, mineral base notes. A little slick on entry, this shows polyphenolic bitterness right up front with apricot fruit working to balance things out. Rather dry and dusty in the mouth, this is a touch soft but pleasant in a neutral sort of way. 83pts

2008 Shoofly Viognier Australia 13.5%

Waxy and sandy on the nose with some nice floral notes. Very honeysuckle and rose stem scented but not very fruity, with just a hint of apricot. There’s a bit of sweetness here and some nice raw cashew nuttiness to go with it on entrr in a rather rich and creamy style. Good acidity lends this a citrus fruit character, though it is creamy with more of a tropical fruit tone on the back end that shows notes of pineapple and under ripe papaya. The finish is short. While there is a lightly honeyed note from thee sweetness, it’s rather earthy and dry, finishing with weird orange juice concentrate notes. 80pts