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Harvest Season 2013 is coming to its end, except where it's not!


Almost halfway through October. It's the traditional end to harvest in many if not most of the Northern Hemisphere's great wine regions. Certainly the West Coast of the USA, and most European vineyards have been fully picked by now in past years. This year is of course a bit different. In Piedmont and Germany and in the dampness of Burgundy producers are still struggling to get fruit in. Struggling with decisions to harvest or wait and perhaps make something a bit better. It's been a tough vintage for much of Europe, though much easier here in the states. With so much fruit already in it might be time to retire the Vintage Watch series until next year, but here's one last look at the weather of 2013.

Napa, California

If there remain grapes on the vine in Napa they are experiencing a glorious early autumn weather this week. Just a fabulous time to be in the valley whether you're a grape or a human!

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Alba, Italy

Things are actually looking pretty promising this week in Piedmont. Barbaresco can continue to harvest under clear skies and with some warm weather while the vineyards of Barolo march towards ripeness, and perhaps a bit more rain early next week.

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Logroño, Spain

Things are looking good in Rioja as well with lots of sun and warmth for the week. Let's hope tomorrow's rain is just a sprinkle.

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Sonoma, California

Get set for a simply stunning week in Sonoma, though the nighttime lows are fast approaching winter temps, the daytime highs remain in the 70s with plenty of sunshine.

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McMinnville, Oregon

The Willamette Valley is also set for a wonderful week of weather. If producers were brave enough to face the rains of the beginning of the month and wait things out they might be sitting pretty by the end of this week. But boy is it cold this morning.

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Jordan Station, Ontario Canada

The situation in Ontario isn't nearly as nice as in Oregon with cold, damp weather being on tap for the week.

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Tuscany, Italy

Things do not seem to be improving in Tuscany this week. Last week was a bit of a mixed bag and this week looks even worse.

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