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Temperatures are dropping as the harvest season enters its closing weeks


We're past the midway point on the northern hemisphere's 2013 harvest season and while many regions are almost done, some have barely begun. In Italy and France many vintners are still waiting for their fruit to achieve the levels of maturity that they look for in order to produce their finest wines. It is certainly possible that, should weather conditions cooperate, some places like Piedmont might still pull out a spectacular vintage, but with each passing week the odds do become slimmer.

Our thoughts are with all of those who have worked for a year only to get to this point. Many producers in France already know that 2013 will not produce their finest wines, for those who still are hoping, let's take a look at the weather for the week to come.

Napa, California

Man it's cool in Napa today, but the high is forecast to be 90 degrees! Later in the week it's pretty much cool and perfect for those who still have fruit on the vine.

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Alba, Italy

The end of the week looks better than the next two days in Piedmont, though dealing with late session rains becomes increasing more problematic as the weather cools.

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Logroño, Spain

The weather is slightly more promising in Rioja this week, another region that has seen a rather late harvest punctuated by rain and cooling temperatures.

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Sonoma, California

The weather in Sonoma this week is absolutely perfect, I'm looking forward to visiting the region soon and hope this weather can hold out for a few more weeks!

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McMinnville, Oregon

To pick or not to pick, that was the question last week as rain moved into the forecast. Those who waited may be rewarded if the weather arriving later in the week holds out for a nice stretch.

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Jordan Station, Ontario Canada

The very pleasant weather is sticking around in Ontario, which is a bit surprising but explains the success of the region as it pertains to wine production. While the growing season may not be easy, it seems to be moderately long and consistent.  

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Tuscany, Italy

It's nail biting time in Tuscany. For those who have yet to finish harvest, is this forecast a taste of things to come? If autumn is here in full force they can expect more of the same int he coming weeks, which makes timing a pick difficult indeed.  

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