Vintage Watch XII

Harvests are ending, harvests are starting, we are in the thick of it


This is really crunch time. Folks in cooler areas and those regions that may have suffered a slow start to the season and/or have particularly late ripening grapes to worry about can now commence worrying! We're officially entering autumn and temperatures all over the place have started to settle in to their slow decline, sometimes brining rain or fog with them. Rain or fog that can end the high hopes of even the most optimistic grower.

I don't know for how much longer I might be publishing Vintage Watch seeing as the many spots on this list are closing in on the end of harvest, but for the sake of the late harvests in Oregon, Piedmont, Germany, and Austria I'll see how long I have to keep a record of the weather, if only on the site. For today though one finale full report on weather around the globe.

Napa, California

It looks to be gorgeous in Napa this week; not cool enough to really slow things down much but cool enough so that growers have gained a little breathing room.

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Alba, Italy

In Piedmont on the other hand things are cooling down to where things in the vineyards are slowing down, which s not what people want, considering things remain a week or three behind schedule, and that rain late in the forecast sure isn't going to help anything. Arneis and Barbera might be in, but the big guns are still to come. Nail biting time. It's a small crop so if they can get it properly ripened we might very well be shocked at the quality.

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Logroño, Spain

This week is like a snapshot of Rioja's weather this year. Beautiful then ugly, with an expected return to beautiful next week.

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Sonoma, California

For the second week in a row Sonoma's weather looks to be fabulous, moving what needs to be moved along forward at a gentle pace and cooling down nicely at night. It's a great week to be in Sonoma.

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McMinnville, Oregon

It looks like it's spritzing in Oregon this week, which is better than sat week's rains, which were heavy in places. The end f the week looks pretty darn good so those patient folks still waiting for the fruit to be perfect look like they have the luxury of time.

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Jordan Station, Ontario Canada

Cool but quite nice is the forecast for Ontario, not enough sun and heat to really do any great work here but if you are still looking for a little something extra in your fruit it appears the weather is cooperating.

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Tuscany, Italy

A few more days of near perfect weather is in the forecast for Tuscany, then the rains come back. It will be interesting to find out the timing of the harvest throughout Tuscany this year.

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  • where's Bordeaux and St Emilion?

    Sep 23, 2013 at 2:48 PM

  • Snooth User: Richard Foxall
    Hand of Snooth
    262583 4,003

    Napa and Sonoma got rain over the weekend--a quick burst, and it looks like it could be fine, but the timing was not favorable. Looking like a nice week ahead and we should see harvests wrapping up over the next two weeks, if I had to guess.

    Sep 23, 2013 at 4:48 PM

  • Snooth User: steve666
    392767 156

    Re Napa, Sonoma, Santa Cruz Mountains, Contra Costa and Alameda Counties - Sat was about 25mm of rain where 2-3mm were expected.

    Sep 23, 2013 at 6:51 PM

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