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With harvest in high gear everybody's hoping for cool nights, and sunny days


With summer fading into a memory, more quickly in some places than others, grape growers and winemakers are all in the midst of harvest. As the grapes reach peak maturity, which of course means different things to different people, growers do tend to look forward to the same sorts of weather.  Cool nights to help preserve the grape's acidity and warm, sunny but not hot days so that the maturation arc of the grapes is slow and steady, affording the growers longer hang times, staggered picking between varieties or regions, and a longer window in which to actually harvest the fruit at that peak stage of maturity. And of course no one wants rain, so let's take a look and see who is relaxing this week and who might be rushing out to get fruit in ASAP.

Napa, California

Things have definitely slowed down in Napa. Two weeks ago the temperatures were looking a bit scary high, and nobody want to see the high 80s that we see coming on Wednesday but otherwise the weather forecast for the week looks awfully good.

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Alba, Italy

Piedmont looks like they're catching a bit of a break with pleasant summer temperatures working their way through September. With the slow start tot he season here and the cool summer they're certainly looking forward to an Indian summer to help save the vintage.

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Logroño, Spain

Rioja has had a challenging year with weeks of high temperatures,s, then some low temperatures, and more than their share of rain over the past several weeks. A few more weeks like the end of this week though and they'll be forgetting all about any difficulties they might have experienced.

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Sonoma, California

Wow, while Napa has warm weather and moisture in the air all week Sonoma's weather looks to be just stunning with plenty of sunshine, mostly moderate temperatures and consistent nighttime lows.

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McMinnville, Oregon

The rains are coming early this year in Oregon and it looks like a very difficult week to be a grape grower in the Willamette Valley. Man that looks tough.

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Jordan Station, Ontario Canada

Ontario's weather is looking decidedly better than Oregon's this week, though some of those daytime highs won't contribute much towards moving grapes along towards maturity.   

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Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany's near perfect summer has lead to an early fall where we'e seen some rain, but so far it seems that there has been enough warm weather and sunshine to counter and negative impact the rains might have brought, save the ever increasing risk of disease pressure. It looks like 2013 continues to be quite promising in Tuscany.   

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