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Ten weeks in and harvest is in full swing


We are ten weeks in to Vintage Watch and the harvest is now going at full throttle. On the west coast, in California especially in the north producers are looking at an awful lot of fruit that is ripening in a hurry. It's a tight season this year and while the quality may very well turn out to be quite high, figuring out when and where to ferment it all is one heck of a challenge.

Oregon has had a pretty warm and dry summer, which has moved things ahead of schedule for a small crop that was effected by rains during set. Fingers are crossed that the trend of warm, dry weather continues for the coming month or so, through harvest.

And in Europe, things are off to a slow start. Word throughout much of Italy, where the harvest has started in earnest in the south, and for white wines in most of the country, the season, which got off to a slow, cold start looks promising and may very well produce a classically styled vintage that harkens back to wines made several decades ago. Let's take a look and see what the weather holds around the globe.

Napa, California

The light cooling trend in the forecast is welcome relief for all those producers out in Napa with fruit ripening left, right and center, but will it be enough to give anybody the breathing room they want?

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Alba, Italy

Long and slow, that's how this vintage has played out. If things keep up like this those who are patient may very well hve something to really be proud of when all is said and done, but they will need more weather like this, just like this.

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Logroño, Spain

Punctuated by a pair of sunny days, Rioja's week looks to be a continuation of the largely unsettled weather of last week. Definitely a difficult forecast to look forward to this late in the season.

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Sonoma, California

While last week Sonoma was a bit cooler than Napa this week it looks like they're going to a bit warmer. Not sure how that plays out int he scheme of things, seeing as Sonoma is, topographically speaking, more complex than Napa but this should be an interesting week out there.

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McMinnville, Oregon

Hot and dry, the trend continues in the Willamette Valley this week, and once you get past the mini-heatwave that starts the weeks the weather looks pretty darn good for grapes that are closing in on peak maturity.

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Jordan Station, Ontario Canada

Unsettled, this is virtually the definition of unsettled with hot weather, and cool weather, and a chance of rain all around. No one said growing grapes in Ontario was going to be easy.

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Tuscany, Italy

The rain that ended last week in Tuscany is sticking around to kick this week off, with the wether trying to clear up by the week's end. This certainly is a change from the gorgeous weather Tuscany experienced for the past two weeks.

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