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Watching the weather as harvest begins


As we pass into these last weeks of August we find ourselves facing the start of harvest throughout the northern hemisphere. While we tend to think of September and October as the months of harvest, in many regions early varieties, particular whites and grapes destined for sparkling wine production, typically start coming in during the coming two weeks.

This year is in a way a tale of two stories. In Europe the season got off to a late start and the early months of summer did little to speed things up. Many regions are facing late harvests this year with even the earliest ripening varieties still weeks away from being ready. In contrast the west coast of the USA has had a fine growing season that set the stage for an early harvest, with grapes for sparkling and rose production already having been harvested as early as the first week of August. While the early summer months are vital for the proper development of the flavor and aromatic precursors that make wine so delicious, these coming week during harvest will ultimately determine who will be making good wine and who will have the chance to make great wine!

Napa, California

The little rain in the forecast and cooler temperatures paired with plenty of sunshine are just the ticket to help slow things down and add some hang time to this year's growing season. All in all this week looks to be a nice follow up to last week's temperate weather.

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Alba, Italy

This week is once again a very fine week in Piedmont, possibly setting the stage for an excellent, if late harvest this year.

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Logroño, Spain

After a fine and hot mid-summer the weather has become somewhat unsettled in Rioja as of late, with welcome rains and cooling temperatures offering the vines a break from the heat.

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Sonoma, California

Some rain early in the week offers a nice break in the weather following on the heels of a pair of beautiful weeks. The fact that the weather is forecast to snap right back into that trend is reassuring.

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McMinnville, Oregon

The weather is promising to recover in Oregon this week. With near picture perfect conditions it looks like a great week to be visiting the region.

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Jordan Station, Ontario Canada

Ontario looks to be finally catching a break with a lovely  forecast that includes just a chance of rain on Thursday but otherwise promises lots of sun and pleasaant temperatures.

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Tuscany, Italy

It has been gorgeous in Tuscany for much of the summer but the coming week looks to be a little bit hotter than any week so far with lots of tempertures in the mid 90s and other than some showers on Tuesday not much in the way of cloud cover for the entire week. At least the cloudless nights helps the heat of the day to dissapate.

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