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Dijon, France

As I mentioned in the introduction to this article, parts of Burgundy were absolutely devasted last week by massive hail stroms and flash flooding. Nothing is going to allow those producers to recover from the devastation this year, and possibly even next. It is a sad fact of life with farmers; their year's work can disappear in just a few short minutes on any given day. Our hearts go out to those that have suffered, and for those who escaped the damage of last week we are glad to see the weather turning in their favor with an end to the rain and sunny skies in the forecast.

Douro, Portugal

After a brief respite from the highs of summer last week, the heat returns to the Douro Valley this week with a vengance. Forecasted highs of 99 on Friday and 106 on Saturday might really stress the vines but fortunately the nightime lows continue to be refreshingly cool.

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Tain l'Hermitage, France

A touch of rain and some cooler temperatures early in the week offer a bit of relief for the northern Rhone this week, though by week's end temperatures will once again be pushing 100 degrees. This might just prove to be too much of a good thing.

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Avignon, France

After a summer with notable differences the weather in the southern and northern Rhone has synched up over these past two weeks. This week looks to be hot and sunny in Avignon!

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Champagne, France

Cool then hot, cloudy then rainy; who knows what to make of the weather in Champagne this summer. It's been a real hodge podge of year and one that could prove to be quite challenging in the end.

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West Chiltington, UK

Cool drab English weather is in store for England's sparkling wine district. That is certainly not surprising, though while champagne might be warmer this year one can see a developing similiarity between the two regions.

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Bolzano, Italy

It looks like a really hot week is in store for Bolzano in the Alto-Adige. One thing to keep in mind is that Bolzano, due to geography, is often significantly warmer than the surrounding vineyards in the region. But still, this warmth is welcome weather, particularly with the bit of rain kicking off and endng the week. And look at those lows! A 52 degree diurnal shift forecast for Friday!

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Taormina, Italy

Another week of stunning weather in the forecast for Sicily. The simply phenomenal weather these folks enjoy helps to explain the quality and finesse of their wines.

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