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Vintages in Tuscany Vintage charts are a dime a dozen. they are easy to slap together, and frequently not particularly helpful, but they serve a purpose.

I've built this guide, and expanded vintage chart of sorts to not only give one an idea of the quality of each vintage, but also the style, current state of evolution, and background that hopefully makes this guide helpful to the end user. My goal here is not to tell you what is good and what is bad, though I do a bit of that, but rather to give you the information that you need to make informed decisions in a brief, concise format.

I know some people will argue with my comment and decisions here, and I welcome that. Wine, wine writing, and everything that surrounds it is ultimately a subjective endeavor. I can only hope that some out there will feel my palate aligns with their,, and thus find utility in this set of Tuscan vantage reports

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  • Wonderful work of mastery,understanding and of universal appeal specially from passionate wine searchers.Congrats!! and Greetings from sidd banerji,wine writer,mumbai,India(

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