For today's Wine and Music pairing I chose a refreshing 2006 California Chardonnay and a flavorful Dub album which was released in 2007. The wine is fermented in 100% stainless steel and therefore has minimal oak influence. Unoaked wine is known to emphasize the natural flavors of the grapes, along with elements of the soil in which they grew.

‘Dub', an increasingly popular offshoot of Reggae, is achieved by manipulating, remixing and reshaping previously recorded sound bytes. Dub music is known to emphasize the original “riddims” of a reggae track, and to expose the unique and new ideas of the dub producer. In much the same way that Dub producers do, Wine producers must also mix and test the results of their manipulations before releasing their product to the public. Both Dub and Unoaked wine are heavily influenced by their local region.