UBC Recap: Have You Seen The Results?

See all the results of the Ultimate Beverage Challenge so far!


For the past several weeks, we at TheSpir.it have been bringing you the results of the Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2012. Not familiar with the Challenge? UBC is a coming together of spirit and cocktail professionals, who gather to judge hundreds of spirits over several days and decide which really strut their stuff in the purest form, as well as in cocktails. This is quite the competition to be a part of!

As liquor drinkers, we often go for brands that we have known for a long time; this does not necessarily translate to the ones that are the best. By reading up on the results of the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, we are able to see the brands that some of the most knowledgeable palates in the field recognize as truly exquisite. Some of them are brands you’ve heard of, some of them you’ve never heard of. All of them are worth getting your hands on.

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The Ultimate Cocktail Challenge results will help you break into your home bar and make some fantastic drinks with the best spirits on the market today. Fancy a Gin Martini? Try making it with the Gin Chairman’s Trophy winner.

Below is a recap of the Ultimate Spirit Challenge and Ultimate Cocktail Challenge results so far. Categories range from vodka to tequila to several types of whiskies and everything in between, and this is only the halfway mark of our results coverage! Cheers and happy reading!

The Story Of: Rhum Agricole

The Story Of: Rum

The Story Of: Gin

The Story Of: Vodka

The Story Of: Liqueurs

The Story Of: Tequila

The Story Of: Mezcal

The Story Of: Bourbon

The Story Of: American Whiskies

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