With the onset of autumn it’s time, for me at least, to start the long march back to bigger types of red wines! I love this season; it’s a time full of contrasts, warm days, cool night, fresh produce, hearty flavors, and the best part? I can cook again without over heating my apartment! So what types of wine go with a long day of cooking? Glad you asked.

When I start braising again (not to mention roasting and baking) certain types of wine take center stage in my kitchen. Not only is it a frequent addition to the braising liquid, but while spending hours in the kitchen it’s also a frequent addition to my glass. The rich flavors of slow cooked meals deserve to be paired with types of wine that can highlight the layered flavors of both the meal and the wine. I’ve rounded up 7 of my favorite types of wine for autumn with tips on pairing them!