As we move into the heart of summer, it's worth taking note of what is being searched for on Snooth. As usual, the results include a mix of wines for the season, perennial favorites and those with recent reviews that make them worth the search. That, of course, is a loaded question, but it probably comes a surprise to no one that the 2009 Carlisle Sonoma Co. Syrah is one of the most searched wines on Snooth over the past 30 days.

A glowing review from the Wine Spectator (97 points!) and a very reasonable suggested retail price of $30 make this one of the best values in years. Except of course that the wine immediately shot up to more than $100 a bottle, and other critics have thought the wine to be god and deserving of a high score - but one closer to 90pts than 100.

I don't fault the Wine Spectator here; well, not fully. They taste blind and were honest and forthright enough to stick by their guns with a score that seems over the top to me. I love Carlisle wines, have enjoyed them for years, even got a friend a job there several years ago as a harvest intern, but I still don't think the score represents the wine that well. I've tried a bottle of the wine. At $30, it was easy and the wine showed very well indeed, but 97pts is rarified country (or should be) and this was just a spectacularly fun and rip-roaringly delicious Syrah. Now granted, there may not be too many of those out there but it begs a question.