Top Syrah Wines $25 and Up

Inspiration for solving Syrah's identity crisis


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Top Syrah Wines $25 and Up
While it would be easy to continue my diatribe of sorts against producers of Syrah, I am willing to make some exceptions. You see to my mind, the responsibility of understanding a product shifts towards the consumer as the price of that product rises. 

When it comes to wine, there is generally a greater body of information and knowledge out there for more expensive wines, rather than for cheaper wines. It just stands to reason since the powers that be, the various parts of the wine mafia, prefer to taste and expound on more expensive wines. 

We are blessed with the product of the work to do with what we please, but that product tends to filter through the system. If you are planning on spending more on a bottle of wine, do yourself a favor and factor in a little research before you buy. This is where a trusted retailer can turn out to save you tons of money and pain by steering you toward wines you might enjoy.

If you take an active role in selecting your wines and responsibility for the choices you make, you are more likely to pay attention to what is out there, what ends up in your glass and what distinguishes one wine from another.  It is not an easy place to be, but consumers have to accept some responsibility if we are to help end Syrah’s identity crisis! Check out these fine wines for some inspiration. 

Photo courtesy Cortes de Cima via Flickr/CC

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