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Top Domestic Roses With August in full swing, I know you’re still looking to quench your rosé thirst. In fact that thirst might even stretch into September and beyond, though as the summer temperatures give way to cooler autumnal climes, you might want a rosé that’s got a bit of heft to it as a traveling partner.

Domestic rosés have come a long way since White Zin was all there was. I’ve got nothing against White Zin mind you, except that they are generally too sweet for my palate, but people love them because they are fun and fruity. Breaking free of that reputation has been a bit of a project for domestic rosé producers, for better or worse, and while the level of rosés produced in this country are on par with the finest in the world, there is no escaping the warmth and richness that our sunny weather imbues in many of these wines. It’s that added bit of richness that can keep even the “serious” rosés fun and suitable for – gasp, do I say it? – year-round consumption! So check out some of my favorites and let us know what rosés you’re enjoying this year.

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  • We also highly recommend the 2010 Anderson Valley (Oregon) County Line Rosé, made wholly from pinot noir grapes, and which is of the serious and "rich" type that you speak of above. Aromas of peach and oak, with a medium finish. Discovered randomly at a wine shop, chosen mostly because Anderson is my wife's last name :-) And blogged about at our website Thanks for the great article and helping dispel the myth that all rosé wine is sweet. There are some pretty robust, hearty ones, too, and perfect for summer when a red wine might be too heavy but one still craves the red grape.

    Aug 24, 2011 at 10:50 AM

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