Top 8 Roses for July

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2009 Yin Yang Pinot Grigio Rose Willamette Valley 13.5% $12

This smells of pears and plums, with a slight honied edge and some floral top notes.  A touch sweet but at the same time this shows really interesting bitter/sweet tension in the mouth. The wine exhibits a lovely fresh fruit quality, and the texture is clear and tense with good density and just a hint of creamy thickness. The flavors here are more akin to a typical Pinot Grigio rather than a typical rosé, but with several added dimensions. The finish is lightly dusty and ever so drying with a lovely mineral/spice/tree bark finale. This is delicious. 88pts

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  • I agree with you, very,very much in what you say here! They should be more explicit in their descriptions as to what we are to expect before buying Rose's.
    By far my biggest stink as far in to what to expect is, Dry or sweet or Semi whatever?: I who prefers the dryer the better type Rose's, especially from France, but have also enjoyed some moderate experiences from Spain and Italy, but again, France are the champs, especially in this category in my experiences.
    But to expand on your gripe here, to that of which I believe, that even such as yourself have made the descriptions to the majority of these wines you have tasted, outside of the first two, unexplained as to whether they are dry, semi dry, sweet, semi sweet, etc. See this a problem and in not getting that sort of labeling, I have bought many rose wines, way to sweet for me, such as Riesling sweet, to which I am not a big fan of, unless otherwise expected at my convenience of indulgence.
    So if they could make it a mandatory labeling such as DOC, etc. this would be very helpful as to what to expect when purchasing and the rest of it is simply as with all wines, whether they rate high or low in their attempt.. This would also help in a wider indulgents in trying difrent wineries try on them, as apose to when you find a couple good ones, thats it, you get tired of wasting your money, and unfortuantely we could be missing out...Thanks, again a very good article..

    Jul 06, 2011 at 6:12 AM

  • I disagree with your description. Oily and olivey? Did you even try this wine? This Rose' is a wonderful example of a French style Rose' with the added benefit of beautiful Sonoma Co. fruit. I detect no "bitter" and it certainly isn't "sweet". Made with a Bandol yeast, the finish is crisp and dry; a perfect compliment to foods ranging from lighter dishes to pates.

    Jul 08, 2011 at 12:11 PM

  • When in doubt, refer to the degree of alcohol in the wine. Rule of thumb, the higher the alcohol the drier the wine

    Jul 10, 2011 at 3:34 PM

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