While this week’s glimpse at the top 20 wines searched for on Snooth over the past 30 days might be coming a bit late to use for Halloween, it's worth noting that our number one product is Fulton's Harvest Pumpkin Cream Liqueur!

In fact, for the first time ever, a full 20 percent of the most searched for items are spirits. This shows both an interesting change in our users’ activity and a reflection of the changing seasons. Blackberry brandy, Kinky Liqueur and a Scotch I am not familiar with, Queen Margot, all made the list and are worth noting. Maybe it's time for a stack out of Kinky, or this Queen Margot. People seem to be looking for it, so if you've got it, make it easy to find!

Sparkling wines continue to be searched for avidly on Snooth, with the usual split of inexpensive Moscato and good-to-better Champagne dominating the results. The usual Veuve and Heidsieck Monopole are the most searched for wines, though it is impressive that the 1999 Bollinger Grande Annee makes the list this month, too. It must have garnered a big score someplace, so we all know it will be easy to move. Lay in plenty for the holidays as it looks like it could prove to be a hot item come December.

The rest of the wines seem to be the usual mix, sweet reds, The Dreaming Tree. It is nice to see the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir here though as it is one of my favorites and a really solid and fairly-priced wine worth stocking for all the Oregon Pinot lovers out there. Finca el Origen Malbec makes the list, which seems to point to this year being much like last year over the holidays. Pinot Noir and value priced reds, many from South America, will continue to be popular, though we should see some Bordeaux and Chianti appearing on these pages soon, as well.
And finally, the appearance of Port. Sandeman's Founders Reserve is a distinct sign that a) the weather is cooler and b) Sandeman's promotional activities are paying dividends. I expect Founders Reserve will experience a bump in growth this holiday season, as Sandeman's is actively promoting both Port and Port cocktails, which are proving to be quite successful.
There seems to be a healthy appetite for innovative and tasty cocktails that don't pack the punch of the typical, spirit-based fare. A point worth considering this holiday season both for your own promotion and for helping to craft an effective buying strategy as we grind through the next two weeks!