I spend most of my days writing about wine, so it may be surprising that I sometimes read about wine in my spare time. Like any wine lover I am always hungry for more knowledge, not to mention expert guidance, on wines and vintages. Though the truth is that while the number of people writing about wines is growing every day, the media that showcases these true experts - those who can effortlessly write informative yet accessible essays on topics both esoteric and mainstream - is becoming ever narrower.

Fortunately for us all, there is The World of Fine Wine. This quarterly magazine (a woefully inadequate term in this case) brings together the best authors and experts in the world of wines and allows them to do what they do best. Instead of simple lists and point scores, there are fascinating detailed articles. Yes, you actually do buy The World of Fine Wine for the articles.

In order to introduce you to The World of Fine Wines, we have arranged a special offer with the World of Fine Wine for Snooth members. Not only are the publishers offering a discounted subscription package (5 issues for the price of 4), but they've also made some of their recent content available for download, free of charge.  I urge you to take a look at these articles, as they represent the full potential of wine journalism. Topics covered include profiles of Bordeaux Chateaux, the Ribera del Duero, the wines of South Africa, and an essay on the state of Bordeaux and Burgundy by Andrew Jefford.

Of course, having the world's finest wine authors at your fingertips comes at a price. The World of Fine Wine is far from inexpensive, but for the price of a few bottles of wine you'll get the knowledge that will help you get the most out of both your budget and your wines. And remember, these are not really magazines; you don't recylce them, you reuse them again and again as they become an indispensible resource in your wine library.

This special offer comes with a guarantee of total satisfaction: If at any time you want to cancel your subscription - for whatever reason - the unexpired portion of your payment will be refunded.

Existing subscribers can even use this special offer when they renew their subscription (simply call +44 1795 414 681, quoting code SNOOTH2).