The wines that were created for baguettes.


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Sauvignon Blanc

With so much flexibility, producers have been of two minds; some are looking to create signature wines that embrace the spirit of the region, while others look to the market in hopes that they can meet unfulfilled demand.
Take Domaine Les Fontanelles Foncalieu Sauvignon Blanc (available for $8 to $10 at major retailers). Crisp and pure, this is a wonderful example of Sauvignon Blanc that blends the fruit forward character the marketplace clamors for with some of the crispness and minerality that France’s Sauvignon Blancs are famous for. Inexpensive and a perfect partner for goat cheese and light dishes, it illustrates how Pays d’Oc has made the transition from the anonymous bulk wines of the Vins de Pays days to today’s fighting varietals.

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