The Tetramythos vineyards lie on steep slopes of Mount Helmos, on the most southern tip of Greece's mainland. When I last visited, in April, the soil was covered with alpine grass and wild flowers, a visible result of the organic farming that is meticulously applied. Standing amidst Greece’s highest vineyards at an altitude of nearly 3500 feet -- with a view of the open sea at the end of the deep valley -- is an unforgettable experience. Mount Helmos reaches up to 7700 feet and is home to a popular ski resort. It also hosts some of the finest terroirs in the world. The soil structure varies, but it's mostly made up of limestone and clay. The mountain is covered with pine forest; in the higher parts, lush, dark green grass grows thickly. Mount Helmos belongs to the area of Aegiala, which is the most important region for organic farming in Greece.

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