I’ve already written up the Grenache based wines I tasted during my time in Santa Barbara, they can be found here: Grenache - The Next Pinot Noir?  so today I am focusing on most of the remaining wines that I tasted while in the region. I’ll save the few Pinots I Tasted for a Pinot round-up, which might surprise some folks. You see I went to Santa Barbara not to seek out their Pinots, but rather to take a look at what’s going on with the Rhone varieties in the region. I get to taste plenty of Pinot, but finding out what’s happening with some other less sought after, and thus less promoted wines can be a challenge; as can just finding some of the wines from small and/or up and coming producers.

Well, I’m glad I made the effort, seeing as I found great wines from producers familiar and new. It was a short list of visits but with a fantastic variety of styles, philosophies, and expressions of Santa Barbara fruit coming from:
Tercero Wines
Qupe Wines
Harrison Clarke
Zaca Mesa
Martian Ranch
Stolpman Vineyards