The most important weapon in every wine drinker’s arsenal is, not surprisingly, decent stemware.  By decent I don’t mean fancy, just a nicely shaped all-purpose bowl that holds at least 10 ounces. I use both Bordeaux and Burgundy stems, pictured below, but the Bordeaux bowl is probably best if you’re only going to buy one type.

 By the way, I drink my whites and bubblies out of these glasses, as well. Why should they be discriminated against?  They can have aromatics that equal or surpass those of red wines, and being scrunched up in a tiny glass doesn’t help to showcase them!

Now, I know I’m supposed to have a glass for every wine, and truth be told I do have what are referred to as white wine glasses, but I use them for my dessert wines. The fact of the matter is that a well-designed wine glass can be perfectly suitable for a broad range of wines, while one specifically designed for a single wine might not be good for any at all. I went along for years drinking out of a simple, old school wine glass without any issues. (That is, at least when I wasn’t just drinking wine out of a tumbler!)

There's more than one way to screw a cork.

There are so many corkscrews on the market that sometimes it's easy to confuse the popular models with the ones that are most effective. While many of the latest styles do a decent job, the tried and true always seem to save the day. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a good waiter's friend. I use one with twin levers and an extra-long, grooved screw. It's makes pulling most corks a breeze, though sometimes I have to rely on my trusty Ah-so to extract an old, delicate cork.