The world of wine is a-changing. One of the most exciting changes is the move to wines that embody the spirit of their homeland. As we all search out great values, it’s no surprise that the wines of Spain are on everyone’s radar. With a festive culture built around sharing the best of life, the Spanish lifestyle fits in with our busy lives, and Tapeña wines are the perfect complement to add some spice to your life!

I was very pleasantly surprised by these Tapeña wines. They all exhibit a nice purity and feature the pure flavors of each varietal in a balanced, fresh style, perfect for accompanying your favorite meal, or line-up of tapas! I was also quite surprised at what great values these wines turned out to be.

Enjoy Tapeña wines on their own for their pure, fresh flavors and easy-to-love style, or share them with your friends over an authentic array of tapas. In fact, every bottle of Tapeña brings great friends together (Peña is slang for a small group of friends) with tapas! Whether you go for the fruity yet crisp white, Verdejo, the zesty, festive Rosé, or either of the classic Spanish red varieties (Tempranillo and Garnacha of course) you’re sure to find a perfect match for your favorite friends.

Get to Know Tapeña

Tapeña wines are brought to you by one of Spain’s most successful winemaking families, the Ferrer family. With Tapeña, the Ferrer family introduces a food-friendly lineup of modern Spanish wines that remain true to their roots.