Do you have a taste for risk, a curious nature, and a daring spirit? Then come join the ranks of Seekers on a singular wine adventure!

New this year, The Seeker presents a lively line of wines from all over the world.  Each wine has its own unique character, literally. Weatherbee, Isadora, Wolfgang, Colette, Esteban – our Seekers are each on a mission of their own, but they're all united in seeking out something with passion and determination.

Our wanderings yielded distinct wines from disparate lands – a California Chardonnay, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, French Pinot Noir, Argentine Malbec, and Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon – delighting the senses on a global taste journey. For The Seeker, it's all about the journey. Simply glance at the labels and you'll see mid-19th century flying machines that embody an era of wonder and mystery, explorers out to conquer the known world, and beyond.

While the wines are global, The Seeker keeps it all in the family. The Seeker line was created by a family company that called on its 65 plus years of experience and relationships to find the highest-quality family run wineries the world over. It is a carefully curated collection of the best wines, produced where their grapes grow best.

The Seeker takes it even further, with a dedication to reducing our carbon footprint extending from our immediate family to our global family. The Seeker wines are bottled in Ecova lightweight glass, with labels and boxes printed by local sustainable companies and with varying sustainability and conservation-oriented practices in the vineyards and wineries.

Celebrate passion. Revel in fun. Let The Seeker's spark ignite you.

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The Seeker. It’s out there.