It goes without saying, you should obtain both safety goggles and cut-resistant gloves before you embark on this project. You will need a high quality glass cutter as well. Other things you will need include: two pots, a stove, ice, some water, a long candle, a candle holder, tongs, and some sandpaper. And of course, an empty wine bottle!

Hold your bottle and the glass cutter at a 90 degree angle. Gently score the part of the bottle you'd like to cut in one long, uninterrupted motion.  Do not apply a lot of pressure. You are making a very thin line.

Now, take your two pots and candle. Fill one pot with ice water, and the other pot with heated water (just leave it on the stove at a simmer.) Ignite your candle and slowly glide its flame across the line you scored on the wine bottle. After that, quickly dip the bottle into your ice water for a good 5 seconds. Then, glide the flame across the score line once again. Continue alternating between gliding the bottle over the flame and plunging the bottle into your ice water until the score line begins to buckle. It should take about 5 rounds.

Next, alternate between placing your bottle in hot water for 5 seconds, and cold water for 5 seconds. After about ten alternations, the bottle will crack inside the water! Be sure to have your tongs within reach so you can safely pull the broken glass out of the water. Lastly, use your sandpaper to smooth out any rough areas of the cut.