After wrapping up my time at the International Pinot Noir Celebration, I made my way over to Nick’s in McMinnville, a real wine country institution whose back room has seen many a tasting and heard many a vineyard plan being hatched. It’s a great place for dinner, too, not to mention a late night game of pool with a few rounds of cocktails, but on this day I was off to attend a post-IPNC tasting of Riesling.

I love my Rieslings a little drier than most, but a little bit of playful sweetness is not something I turn my back on. While Germany can claim the title of Riesling king of the world, it’s a grape that is capable of great things in some surprising regions. (Witness the brilliance of Australian Riesling, for example). So, it was not surprising to hear that a group of Oregon producers intended to make Riesling a local phenomenon!