I’ve already written up my thoughts on some white wines tasted while in Portugal this past summer. I wanted to get that information out in front of you while it was still most pertinent, hot, and sunny. Now as we transition to Autumn I want to give you the rundown on the red wines I enjoyed while in Portugal, wines that are well suited to the cooling days and richer food they bring with them. As with the whites, what I found here was a relatively broad set of production values, that seemed to included fairly modern techniques used to produce mostly high quality wines often from indigenous varieties. There were certainly some duds here, and some wines that came off as a bit too polished and perhaps anonymous, but there were also plenty of wines that struck a chord with me.

There were plenty of wines that were rich with savory character as well as fruit. Wines with more than enough tannin and acidity to remain fresh and vibrant in the mouth, and offer great food pairing opportunities. And plenty of wines that were just plain different, not easily pigeon holed into categories we are familiar and comfortable with though if I had to I would say that these wines, in general, seem to fit well within the classic European red blend paradigm that includes Bordeaux, Rioja, and Chianti. In fact I would go so far as to say that these wines should absolutely be considered as on pair with those European standards, though they do offer a bit of a different flavor profile and mouthfeel.