As you may know from my last email, we’ve made making lists a priority here at Snooth. If you take a moment to think about it, those of us in the world of wine are surrounded by lists.

A great example is a staple of these trade updates: our Snooth’s most searched for wines lists. By making a simple list, it is easy to see what people have been searching for. Other lists have a profound impact on these lists, like Wine Spectator’s Top 100. People just love lists!

Beyond the simple appeal of lists (the ease of reading them and handy way they aggregate content in a compact, concise format), there are other ways that lists can work to your benefit. Take the Top Lists on Snooth, for example. Top Lists are prominently featured on site with their own link in the top navigation on the site and serve as a way to identify people as experts on the site. As you can see by the image above, we’ve been filtering out lists to highlight those created by our experts.