Update: The Grande Dalles first releases are now available online.

There's a version of Scott Elder and Stephanie LaMonica's story that goes like this: A young, restless couple falls in love with wine, and sets out for the wilds of Oregon to sow the earth with their dreams. They trade in cubicles for grapevines, they name bottles after beloved relatives; they learn lessons about faith, passion, and hard work.

That version, however, omits the camper. And the debt. And the psychic toll.

"I'm going to come up with the 10 essentials you really need if you ever wanna do something like this," says LaMonica, laughing. "And one of those things is definitely a great therapist."

The real story of how The Grande Dalles vineyard came to be isn't all gauzy sunshine and romance, and it's better for it. Elder and LaMonica have learned all of the sacrifices required to build not just a vineyard, but a legacy, from scratch, and along the way redefined the great American adventure.