The $10,000 Cellar, Part Two

Diverse additions from different corners of Burgundy


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To recap

It’s a plan, of which there are many, to help stock a cellar while providing for drinking in the all important, far too difficult early years when you’ve bought great wine yet have none to drink! Some people might think I’ve erred on the side of the expensive here. This may be true for some, but if you’re heading down this path that is more than likely where you will want to arrive in 10 years or longer. The last thing you want to find as you’re more deeply immersed in the world of wine cellaring is that you have a cellar full of wine you don’t really enjoy!

While this plan cannot prevent that from happening, by spreading out your bets you do increase your chance of finding wines that really ring your bell. If it turns out that you really don’t enjoy some of the wines, the fortunate truth is that these are investment grade wines. Keep them well and they should repay your investment and then some. It’s a side of this passion that many people disdain but when you’re buying for your future, you cannot always be prepared what you will bring to that future. Your tastes will change so don’t worry about it and sell or gift away the wines that underwhelm you. Life’s too short to drink wines you don’t enjoy!

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    Great stuff, love going to school on Burgudy.

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