The $10,000 Cellar, Part Two

Diverse additions from different corners of Burgundy


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Burgundy - Chardonnay

Yes, there shall be white wines as well! There is only one white wine I would spend this sort of money on and it’s white Burgundy! I can’t say that I buy much Chardonnay at this level, but there is always a need for some now and again and with the money I save buying René Leclerc’s wines, I can splurge a bit here.

White Burgundy at this price level is decidedly age worthy, make no mistake about it. With time in the bottle, these wines transform themselves both in texture and flavor into incredibly appealing packages. These are not wines for everyone that is for sure, but you owe it to yourself to experience aged white Burgundy. If you’re going to do so affordably, you better be prepared to cellar these wines yourself!

Photo courtesy Brett, the Wine Maestro via Flickr/CC

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    Great stuff, love going to school on Burgudy.

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