There’s not much a wine guy can do when talk comes round to St. Patty’s Day. There are the usual green suggestions--Vinho Verde, Patricia Green Pinot Noir, Domaine Chandon’s green sparkling wine--but no real Irish wine. I could always turn to Whiskey, but in an effort to keep peace in the world, particularly the small corner I inhabit, I’ll turner to saner endeavors.

And so it was that I began leafing through Colman Andrews' The Country Cooking of Ireland. This is a lovely cookbook, full of enticing illustrations, and illustrative stories that shed light on the diverse culinary history that Ireland can lay claim to.

Of course there is the obligatory chapter on potatoes, once a poor man’s food but today the star of so many dishes, as well as sections on oats, wild game, and the rich seafood that fills coastal Ireland’s larder. So I thought to myself, why not take a recipe or two and see what you can pair with it. I may need that Patricia Green Pinot after all!

Meet Colman Andrews

Colman Andrews was a co-founder of Saveur magazine and served as its second editor in chief. The recipient of six James Beard Foundation Awards, among other honors, he is the author of other culinary titles such as Catalan Cuisine, Everything on the Table, and Flavors of the Riviera, as well as co-author of three Saveur cookbooks.

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