T-Vine - A specialist of old vine, of all things, and small lots at that. T-vine owns no vineyards, relying instead on long term contracts with some of the finest family farmers in the region. The wines are powerhouses, supple, velvety and polished with very rich and bold fruit. It’s about as much as I can take in a Zin but I can appreciate the style and the way the winery works with growers is worth paying attention to. 
Zin, petite. Carignane, malvasia
Oak Glade vineyard on the Silverado trail, just south of Stags Leap
A little 2010 pruny but still with a fresh plum and berry fruit and freshening up in the glass. There’s plenty of vanilla and bay leaf here, all over nutty base notes. While low and broad in the mouth this remains well balanced with a chewy feel. The flavors are very 2010, fresh yet roasted with peppery edges and figgy accents.  Nice firm slightly dry tannins help drive the long finish, which is earthy and a bit matte. A bit heavy handed perhaps. 88pts
Dark, oily and floral on the nose with some spicy seeds and a bit of smoky BBQ sauce framing sour plum. Smooth, rich and plus in the mouth with a touch of RS supporting explosive black berry fruit with plummy edges. This is just phenomenally rich, but not over extracted or chunky, not shy on the oak either but well integrated. there are plenty of soft tannins for support and fine acidity lending some brightness but this is all about easy power. It’s a giant pillow-top mattress. dep and surrounding you with softness. Honestly this is not my style but the appeal is undeniable. 92pts
Tight with lots of oak on the nose over complex aromas of plum jam,black earth, roasted nuts,black pepper, and fruit that’s a bit pruny. Tight on entry with fine balance, if fairly tannic, and the tannins are earthy and chewy in a dry way. There’s a nice core of black cherry fruit, and so much dirt, peppery, balsamic tones, and rocky mineral notes that one can’t help but be impressed . This is just massively constructed and if it all integrates well this could be a wow wine but today it’s more impressive for it’s size and sheer darkness. If this were a book it would be heart of Darkness. 92pts