At Larkmead Vineyards we have a Tasting Room. But as our venerable, resident raconteur and Winery General Manager likes to say, we don't normally give tours to visitors because we don't have antique cars or a fancy art collection, we have wine that we believe speaks for itself. That being said, there are occasional groups of tasters that get a short tour through our cellar. I am welcoming of these visitors and when wine work is at a minimum, I'll direct the tour myself. I find this a great opportunity to interact, answer questions and add insight to the tasting experience. The visitors range in wine knowledge and appreciation, but I have found some consistent themes to their questions, even reading the questions on their face if they are too embarrassed to ask them. Since our portfolio of wines contains two Bordeaux style blends, the question of blending – the how and why – seems to almost always emerge. So, I thought it would be a great opportunity to dish our secrets to the wine drinking public who don't have the chance to taste at our winery in Napa Valley.