Cocktail Pairings for Thanksgiving Leftovers


Prediction: Today, you will be inundated with suggestions about how to use the ruins of your Thanksgiving fête. The Snooth Editorial Team is hopping on that bandwagon, but with a twist.  And it’s not a lemon. 
It’s the perfect cocktail!  A hearty snack alongside a fresh, rejuvenating cocktail will surely set you straight after yesterday’s bacchanalia. So start corralling your leftovers, shakers and stirrers, and get back into the gorging spirit. 
Beer Braised Turkey Tacos
The forecast says that there is an 85% chance of leftover beer in your fridge. Why not use it on this quirky number? Pair your tacos with a tequila-based drink such as the Mexican Flag. After yesterday’s deluge of American classics, it’s time to spice up your palate.
Just how many tubers are you harboring in your fridge?  Don’t let them go to pot. When in doubt, candy! Pair yours with an orange rum based drink such as this Black Sherbet Cocktail. Glucose-induced euphoria shall be yours.
More turkey, right? Soup is the perfect solution for a bruised and battered digestive system. While it may not be customary to pair soup with cocktails, we think you can get away with this Old Country Martini. It’s buttressed by the down-home, salt and pepper-friendly aperitif Madeira – which vibes well with soup. 
This recipe is a veritable twofer: You can deep six your excess cranberries and sweet potatoes in one fell swoop. Pair yours with the Tuna on Rye cocktail. It happens to call for our wine-based comrade, rosso vermouth. 
Take two: More turkey, right? This mole will pair quite beautifully with a simple cup of Irish Coffee. As our attentions turn toward the December holidays, you will need every last milligram of caffeine that you can get.

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