About this time in 1999, I took an unknowing, impassioned first step into what has now turned into a ten-year love affair with wine.  Today I find myself back in my old stomping grounds of New York City pouring wines at a trade tasting.  Not as a volunteer, but as a vintner.  From a career in magazine publishing to wine production, it is amazing how quickly one's life can change.

While I was living and pursuing my passion in Italy, fresh out of Business School, I wrote these thoughts about the wine industry.  I will admit the statistics (culled back in 2005) are somewhat dated, but from recent reports I have read, the wine industry has seen a continued trend in the direction I report.  Although, just as fast as one's like can change, so can the world around us - we are all living with a (global) economic recession of galactic proportions that has already impacted some sectors of the industry.  Knowing what I wrote then, and what is happening now, I am reluctant to make any predictions on the future of the wine industry, because as I have learned with winemaking, it is good to be patient and make decisions when the sediment has settled.