Chateau Cos d’Estournel will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Early on in my wine-buying career I made what many may construe as a newbie’s mistake. While the 1982 Cos was available on the futures market, I chose instead to buy the 1979 and 1981. Now my reasoning was pretty sound, the 1982 was about twice the price of both the 81 and 79.

Well actually I bought a case of the 1981 and a case of magnums of the 1979 for a little less than a case of the 1982, and I took possession of the wines right away, as opposed to having had to wait for the a year and a half for the 82’s.

In hindsight it may just look like I goofed. The 1982 vintage turned out to be one of the most important vintages of the past half century, and the Cos is one of the stars of that vintage, but I am happy with my purchase. Very happy indeed.

What to expect: Cabernet Sauvignon

Originally of French origins this versatile grape produces exceptional wines around the globe. Usually medium to full bodied with a fine structure that supports black and red fruit flavors with typical notes of olive, chili and herbs adding complexity.