The Montreal Passion Vin is an annual, weekend long, grand tasting event featuring a selection of the world’s finest wines, and winemakers.

I was fortunate to be invited to attend the event this year and enjoy line-ups from producers ranging from Bordeaux’s Cheval Blanc, to Tuscany’s Castello di Ama, and Champagne’s Maison Deutz.

The format of each tasting, a short lecture, followed by a seated tasting, is a great opportunity for one to experience the range of wines, while absorbing the comments of some of the great personalities in the world of wine. I took advantage of my access to these people and filmed brief interviews with them to share with you on Snooth.

What to expect: Champagne

Champagne is usually, but not always, a blended wine that generally includes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and occasionally Pinot Meunier. In the blend each component contributes certain characteristics: Chardonnay adds finesse and a bright elegance, Pinot Noir adds richness and depth of fruit while small additions of Pinot Muenier add earthy complexities.