Flight 3 
This has a flat out fantastic nose. I just smelled this for minutes. Absolutely textbook barolo and with toe curling detail. Roses and raw beef at first, then turning so fresh and precise on the nose with scents of rosehips, a flash of Italian plum, raspberries in alcohol, and finally hints of gunpowder, brown mushroom and faint edge of Gummi bear sweetness. Simply fantastic.  In the mouth this is bright and so fresh retaining a rich, powerful core of red berry lingonberry fruit. The balance is superb, pinpoint with a long elegant finish carrying the pomegranate and mineral accented flavors from the palate to the finale. This was my wine of the night and a wine that can hold its own in any company. 94pts
Intensely earthy and powerful on the nose with a huge roasted coffee tone to the core of black cherry fruit with hints of dried pine adding a hint of complexity and freshness. This is a big wine, and amazingly youthful. The fruit flavors are wild and intense, rich with raspberry and strawberry notes and picking up incipient truffle, black spie and blue fruit accents on the palate. This is seriously structured but you miss the acid and tannins on the first go’round due to the impressive concentration of fruit here. Obviously from a warmer site and rather typical of Brunate, this still has years of positive development in front of it. 92pts
Showing a lot of evolution on the nose, this is redolent of brewed tea, mushrooms, and earth framed with the gentle caramel sweetness of oxidation and topped with hints of poppy seeds. Clear and tense in the mouth, theres an early hint of cocoa here, rather reminiscent of a tootsie roll, followed by ephemeral and elegant if faded rose petal, raspberry and dusty, earthy flavors. Smaller scaled and past peak this still shows an edge of refinement and nuanced flavors. 87pts
Flight 4
A distinctive and gorgeous nose that brings together a bit of pink peppercorn spice with earth, licorice, dried herbs and angelica root fills the glass. Tis is the only wine that shows a bit of extra-ripeness to it with an early suggestion of raisin on the palate. The texture also shows in a armer style with a roundness and softness that the other wines of this vintage mostly lack.  Fairly fruit, if a bit short and simple, this is a bit of a sandy, mineral laced wines that is at a good place in its life but just misses the mark. 88pts
Immediately complex on the nose with complex aromas of iron, mint, nettles coffee bean, roses and spice accenting a core of rusty red fruit. This is a big wine and it needs more time but over the course of an hour it reveals powerful and medicinal black fruit flavors in a style that remains masculine yet elegant and refined.  A burst of sliced orange greets the palate followed by sliced cherry and plum flavors that lead to the long and powerful finish, which is  filled with licorice, dried orange peel and herbal nuances. This just misses greatness, lacking the extra depth that would push it over the edge, but it is a fabulous wine. 93pts