Flight 1
Intense on the nose with a touch of broth and a bit of celery seed revealing its evolution but those scents are quickly subsumed by rose petal, fennel seed, and cherries in alcohol aromas. This is a little coarse in the mouth, but with uncommon inner-mouth perfumes. There’s lots of raspberry and cranberry fruit here, and the bright acids and slightly astringent tannins help to keep the palate clear and brisk. With air this goes through a pretty significant transformation, turning elegant and refined in the mouth, with admirable freshness, then as the night wears on, revealing more of its evolved side. At its best this is a bit Giacosa-esque, though its window is relatively small. 92pts
On the nose this is marred by some dirty barrel notes but still managed to show an impressively intense array of floral, tobacco, and ivy laced aromas that are savory and rich.  Smooth and polished on entry, then turning pleasantly plump in the mouth with simple yet attractive plum and black cherry fruit.  The tannins lend some austerity to the finish, and a hint of elegance to an otherwise rather supple wine. Really quite lovely and typical of La Morra. 88pts
This might have been drinkable on it’s own but in this company all of its defects stood out. While showing some attractive white mushroom, leather and mint aromas this also had levels of chicken coop stink that were difficult to handle. resolved and rather lean in the mouth, this was a touch dried out though it retained a hint of blue framed black cherry fruit on the palate. A bit rough, powerful and raw in the mouth, this feels like a lot of press wine was used here. The nose clears up considerably with air, and while this holds a certain appeal with its powerful, tannic profile, it remains a rather ordinary wine. 85pts
Flight 2
Tightly and leathery on the nose and full of black spice, mineral earth and black fruit that made me think immediately of Serralunga. Air brings out hints of dried fruit, fennel, parchment and chinato herbs. Such power on the palate, this is dense and chewy filled with black berry and black cherry fruit that is rustic but powerful. This has great snap on the palate and fine detail to the flavors with a subtly bitter and medicinal character emerging on the long finish. A brilliant wine that might improve, but the tannins will probably outlive the fruit. 
Focused and complex on the nose with layers of briar, smoke, and mineral clay tones supporting slightly herbal fruit that shows hints of cinnamon spice. Smooth and polished in the mouth with attractive flavors that are a bit simple and slightly muddied on the palate. Still, this is showing a lovely slightly chewy texture built on tannins gently softened with age and might even improve a bit, though this drops off a touch on the finish revealing slightly bitter tannins. 91pts
Evolved on the nose and mineral scented with minty, spicy accents. In the mouth there is much the same with an over arching dirty barrel thing going on. By itself this would be fine to drink, though it is drying out and fraying at the edges. In tonights company it shows quite poorly, though most likely within expectations for the vintage. 84pts