We ran this article back in May 2012, when spring was in its prime and the outdoor festivities were really starting to begin. It may not be that time of year quite yet, but to get you into the springtime drinking spirit, we've decided to remind you just how much fun edible cocktails can be. Enjoy!

Edible cocktails? Think jell-o shots, the poster children for an inexpensive, DIY drinking experience. We may (or may not) remember them from our college days as the go-to drink to make for frequent house parties. Cheap, simple and boozy. However, edible cocktail aficionados are beginning to take the every day jello shot and make it into the extraordinary tippler treat.

While the classic jello shot is known to be made up of very few ingredients, namely vodka and gelatin, there is so much more that can be done with these concoctions. Just like with the tried-and-true classic cocktails we know and love, there is always room to be creative and make something new, these edibles are no exception.

Photo Courtesy of ThatsSoMichelleO via flickr/cc