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  • Wine Cellar Windows and Doors

    If you have a window opening into your cellar, you might want to consider sealing it off, or using it to vent any cooling unit you might use for the space....

  • Wine Cellar Ceilings and Lighting

    Now that you’ve built your beautiful walls, don’t neglect your ceiling! It requires the same treatment that you walls did. Installing a vapor barrier...

  • Building Wine Cellar Walls

    When it comes to building a wine cellar there are basically two choices. You can either repurpose an existing room or section off some space inside of it....

  • Wine Cellar Vapor Barriers

    Once you’ve built your walls you’ll need to add a vapor barrier. The vapor barrier serves to prevent the cooled air from the cellar from leaking into the...

  • Cellar Temperature

    Last week I began to take a look at cellar conditions -- the good, the bad, and the misinformed. I had written that article to include all the variables but...

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