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  • Bad Wine

    There are many potential flaws in wines, and the sad part is that, more often than not, the flaw is so subtle that it ruins our experience without us even...

  • 9 Basic Traits of Wine

    Some of my recent wine reviews have featured a new approach to reviewing. I’m trying to make my reviews more useful to a broader range of wine lovers, so...

  • Where Do the Plums Come From?

    Have you noticed that wine writers describe wine aromas as smelling like just about anything other than grapes? It’s a funny thing. Why the heck should the...

  • 5 Wine Myths- Busted! Or Not.

    Wine is a complicated matter. That’s at least what all wine experts are hoping you’ll believe! The truth is that wine is a remarkably flexible product,...


    Snooth's People's Voice Awards are revolutionizing wine awards and helping to identify not only the most popular brands in America, but also the brands of...

  • Five Key Wine Components and How to Detect Them

    How often have you run across these phrases when you’re reading a wine review: “highly structured," “crisp,” “bright," “firm tannins,”...

  • Extreme Wines: Aging Edition

    There are plenty of ways a wine can be extreme: alcohol, extraction, even age. The following five wines are some of the most unusual extreme wines. What...

  • How to Spit Wine Like a Pro

    At some point in your wine journey, you will face the ultimate test of oenophile professionalism: Spitting. Yes, spitting. We all know it's a tough skill to...

  • All About Champagne

    ‘Tis the season and everyone is scrambling for Champagne. Do you remember what you bought last year? Did you even like it? If you can’t answer that...

  • Preserving an Open Bottle

    I get this question so often that I am sort of shocked that I haven’t addressed it yet. It’s perhaps one of the best questions about wine, though its...

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